Thursday, September 12, 2013

Holiday at Home Responses

The Holiday at Home festival over Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer, but summer certainly goes out with a BANG thanks to this weekend celebration at the Fraze. Here are the responses collected over the two day event:

1) Be a football NFL player
2) Be UCA Grand Champs
3) Go to a Katy Perry concert
4) Go south of the equator
5) Get a puppy named Hank
6) Live on a beach
7) Be gamous
8) Have a horse
9) Love myself fully
10) Have everyone turn to Jesus! God bless!
11) Go to Colorado
12) Become a barrel roller with my Tennessee walker
13) Travel the world
14) Cure diabetes
15) Bengals win the Superbowl
16) Have a child
17) See both of my sons living independently, happy and successful
18) Go to Las Vegas, for Joan
19) Run the Creasant City Classic 10K in New Orleans for Amanda
20) Have 20 billion cats
21) Be a race car driver
22) Be on Broadway
23) Cure cancer
24) Attend the Olympics
25) Raise a family
26) No more taxes!
27) Cruise
28) Get wifi
29) Kiss a boy
30) Sing a Schuster
31) Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reed
32) Live
33) Be on the US soccer team
34) See my grandkids
35) Marry "Him"
36) Get married and kids
37) See the whole world
38) Love
39) Go to the Superbowl
40) Live somewhere fancy
41) Eat somebody
42) I want to change how we learn
43) Love and be loved
44) Save 100 puppies for "Buddy"
45) Make a name 4 myself
46) See peace in Israel
47) Go to France
48) Marry a man
49) Win the lottery
50) Have a farm
51) Debt free!!!
52) Go to NYC
53) Sky dive
54) Meet Channing
55) Be a Social Studies teacher
56) Thank Jesus
57) Meet Joey Votto
58) See my children happy and healthy with their own children
59) Go to Africa and see the hippos
60) Change the world
61) Retire well and long
63) Defeat Alter
64) No more CF
65) Be a rock
66) Fly a plane
67) Be a Disney Princess at Disney World
68) Play college football for Ohio State
69) Run Boston
70) African Safari
71) Live in a tree
72) Go to all the Disney parks!
73) Want to see Jesus
74) Make a difference
75) Have kids
76) Travel the world
77) Cure breast cancer
78) Win the moparnats
79) Understand people, peace, culture and religion
80) Become a Baccarat
81) Play Meg Giry
82) Fall in love