Friday, August 30, 2013

Natalie's Storyline

Wanting to help people to move from just writing on a wall to actually going after their dreams and ambitions, we encouraged people to engage in the Storyline process. The goal of Storyline is to help people create life plans that give them personal vision and clarity by focusing on a meaningful life rather than just a productive one. Here is one person's experience going through the Storyline process.

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Natalie is a recent graduate from Kettering Fairmont High School and today (August 30) is currently moving into her dorm room to start a new adventure at Eastern Michigan University with a full ride athletic scholarship. This summer, not only did she follow through with what she wrote on the Before I Die wall to sky dive, she engaged in the Storyline process and this is her story:

"The Storyline process is unique. You start off by looking at the major turns in your life. You see how each negative had a positive outcome...every single time. Storyline makes it clear that the negative is still a negative and we shouldn't try to make a negative turn positive but rather see what good comes out of the bad things. I like that. It's more like just accepting that there is bad, but showing that God uses the bad to bring out good. This is shown in one of the modules that you make a time line of your life. It is neat to see the pattern of bad and good. It was encouraging to see that with every bad turn that has happened, there was good that surfaced. 

Next you look at the roles in your life. Storyline has you focus in on the 5 main roles in your life. Then you write down your ambitions for each one and how you are going to get to that ambition. Not just by writing down your goals, but HOW you will do it. This was a really helpful because it allowed me to think deeper about each part of my life and how you could improve each one. Also it has you identify the conflicts that may or may not happen so that you can prepare yourself for them. 

Lastly, it has you picture climactic scenes. This exercise is extremely helpful. Unlike a goal, by picturing a climactic scene in your brain, it has a way of connecting to you more. For example, if you want to lose weight, a goal may be a certain amount of weight lost. However, a climactic scene would be picturing yourself finishing a 5k and hugging all your friends and family and them being proud of you.

My favorite module was the negative turns. It really helped. You are always going to go through something hard where you don't see how it is going to be good. But seeing my timeline and how EVERY negative had a positive outcome made it easier to go through the hard because I knew that something good would come out of it. It helped me to see my life as a bigger picture.

I found it very helpful to go through this process with someone else. First of all, you get to know that person better which is always a cool thing to grow closer to someone. Also, it is helpful to have that second set of eyes and ears to hear and help you out when you get stuck and to see things differently than you do. Also, it makes it a commitment. You are more disciplined to do it because you are committed to meeting up.

Storyline has helped me tremendously. I loved the process and it really does help you to clarify what you want out of life and how to make the best circumstances and the best out of every situation that comes your way. The biggest thing is clarity.

I would definitely recommend Storyline, it was such an rewarding experience. It was so cool to just focus on your life and break it down. Not too often do you get to analyze your own life in such a positive and helpful fashion. I would recommend it to people going to college or about to go through a change. But really anyone can benefit because everyone is always going through trials and everyone is always trying to improve their relationships and themselves.

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