Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Responses after Art on the Commons and Festival of the Vine

This was a big weekend for the community of Kettering with two popular festivals going on at the Fraze Pavilion. With both of these events, it allowed for the wall to be bursting with responses! On Saturday, the Festival of the Vine allowed people to spend their Saturday afternoon strolling through the "vineyards" of Lincoln Park, sampling wines from all over the world. On Sunday, the Art on the Commons celebrated its 25th year and hosted over 100 artists from Ohio and surrounding states to display and sell their fine arts and fine crafts. 

1) Be free
2) Meg and I (Darby) see and do amazing things
3) Forgive my parents
4) Have a pet sloth 
5) Ride in a hot air balloon
6) Be happy
7) Inspire the world
8) Be all I can be!
9) Be humbled, grounded and one with everything
10) Go skydiving
11) Visit all 50 states
12) Be at peace with myself
13) Pet a penguin
14) Sleep under the Northern Lights
15) Be a rockstar!
16) Exceed new career goals
17) At least once make my wife happy
18) Make my husband happy
19) Travel the world
20) Be remembered
21) Buy a ferret and name it Tampan
22) Go camping
23) Change the way the world works
24) Find my love
25) Find someone to tell everything to
26) Play beach volleyball in Long Beach, CA...with my bro, too
27) Love myself
28) Learn to play the guitar
29) Bring more magic into the world
30) Make my footprint with art
31) Buy a cat
32) One lap in a Nascar
33) See my children and grandchildren be grateful/productive members of society
34) Go to Australia 
35) Pet a shark
36) Live life to the fullest
37) See my kids graduate college
38) Grow taller
39) Forgive myself
40) Learn at least 5 different languages
41) Go Skydiving
42) Make peace with my sister
43) Travel in space
44) Be a molecular biologist
45) Go travel through space
46) Hi Kate!
47) Love selflessly
48) Visit every continent
49) Hike the entire Appalachian Trail
50) Love the skin I'm in
51) Write a book and get it published
52) Make the world a little better
53) Have a pet ostrich
54) Live in Ireland
55) Send my parents to Ireland
56) Be in 2 places at once
57) Reflect the Spirit of God
58) Be loved
59) Be more grateful
60) Continue being happy
61) Travel the world
62) Enjoy today
63) Get my art out in the world
64) Travel all over Europe
65) Meet my life goal
66) Shower in a waterfall
67) Ditto
68) Have a big family
69) Eat Ritters
70) Hear the voice of God
71) Chill with Willie Nelson
72) Train a pet cheetah
73) Love endlessly

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