Thursday, August 8, 2013

Responses after The Eleventh Hour/Streetcorner Symphony Concert

1) Go to Nevis with my whole family

2) Marry the woman of my dreams (Keralyn Bates)

3) Visit all 7 continents

4) Have the perfect hug

5) Be a grandpa

6) Be an Orange

7) Be seated in King's College Chapel, Cambridge, England on New Years Eve.

8) Have the perfect kiss

9) Talk to a medium to talk to my great grandma

10) Help others who need it

11) Put a dent in Peter Bonavita's car

12) Meet Jesus

13) Travel to all 50 states

14) Finish South Campus!!

15) Graduate Law school and pass the bar

16) Help the Earth

17) Fall madly in love

18) Visit Germany- The Homeland

20) Go on a safari

21) Star in a movie

22) Help others

23) See Jack Johnson

24) See Tesla

25) Swim in the English Channel

26) Get a hole in 1

27) Walk a dog that doesn't yank my arm off

28) Tip a server $100

29) Go to a sleeping with Sirens concert

30) Become a grandma

31) Do the Hollywood 16 High skateboard

32) Forgive and Heal

33) Visit Africa and do mission work

34) Take a trip to Azoros

35) Renew my wedding vows

36) Go to Australia

37) Be a skate-rat

38) Be that 'cool uncle'

39) Watch my kids grow old

40) Go to Disney World

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