Wednesday, July 17, 2013

First responses (in under 24 hours) on July 14

When building the wall, we had no idea how (and IF) the community would respond. In less than 24 hours, the wall was covered with 66 responses! The responses are numbered so that it is easier to comment on the responses below using the number it corresponds with. 

1. Fund childhood cancer research and find a cure

2. Travel the world
3. Marry Emma Watson
3. Visit the wave (in AR)
4. Marry Dallas A. Bowman
5. Experience forgiveness
6. God, just let me get more better
7. Enjoy lots of grandbabies
8. Play in the NBA and major it and win 3 titles
9. Write a book
10. Vegas and Hawaii
11. Do mission trips
12. Become a nurse
13. Be a great father
14. Ride in a hot air balloon
15. Find love
16. Spend one week in a monastery
17. Make a memory
18. Visit Maine
19. Try all IPAs
20. Get a tattoo
21. Achieve my dream of strength, maturity, and wisdom
22. Go to Vegas
23. Go to Outer Space
24. Go on a mission trip
25. To go pro in a sport
26. To be in High Times magazine
27. Go to Alaska
28. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
29. Go to the Holi festival in India
30. Go to NYC for New Years
31. Have no regrets
32. Bring hope and joy to a few more people
33. Get kids back
34. Be on “So You Think You Can Dance?”
35. Eliminate stupidity
36. Draw in the dirt
37. See the Wizard of Oz
38. See World (peace sign)
39. Be a positive influence!!!
40. Marry Jaime
41. 2 see tomorrow
42. Enjoy a free concert woohoo!
43. Achieve total enlightenment
44. Join the peace core
45. 2 finish what I see
46. Write in chalk my future...did it!!
47. Achieve immortality
48. Sky dive
49. Find my purpose
50. Teach someone something
51. To be content with whatever
52. Play with great grand kids
53. See the northern lights
54. Positive momentum
55. Walk on the Great Wall of China
56. Go to Germany - Metz
57. Go to Greece
58. Be sanctified
59. Love life
60. I want to be a great wizard
61. Become a Doula
62. To be tender to my family, caring to my friends, and fearless before my enemies
63. Have a monkey butler
64. See the Macy’s Day Parade
65. Go on a mission to Africa
66. Be a big brother

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