Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's Next? Storyline

Want to go beyond writing your hopes, dreams, and ambitions on a wall? 
Want to live a life with purpose and direction?
 Living an intentional life with purpose and direction isn't something you naturally do. That part takes practice, commitment, and discipline. 

As part of the Before I Die wall, we are encouraging people to take a look at Donald Miller's "Storyline". Growing spiritually is an important part of a person's life journey. Learning how you fit into God's story can bring purpose to the story you craft for your own life. "Storyline" is a process that can help you find answers. It can be done individually, in a small group, or as a therapeutic process.

Storyline works to help you:
  • Understand where you fit within God's story
  • Clarify your amibitions
  • Embrace, rather than avoid conflict
  • Use climactic scenes to reach your goals
  • Filter your decision through a life theme
  • Inspire others by living a great story
For more information about Storyline visit the Storyline blog/website.

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