Friday, July 26, 2013

Responses after the Hunter Hayes and Steely Dan concerts (July 23-24)

One of the reasons the Kettering Before I Die wall is receiving such a great community response is the placement of the wall. The wall is located right next to Lincoln Park and the Fraze Pavilion. The last two days, the musical stylings of Hunter Hayes and Steely Dan have enjoyed a sold out crowd. With so many people passing the wall to and from the show as well as other people enjoying Lincoln Park it makes for a wall full of responses. 

1) Get my girls back
2) Beat every Zelda game
3) Be a mom
4) To see my son succeed in life
5) Run/bike across America
6) Lead others to Christ!
7) Save somebody's life
8) Fall in love
9) Go 2 Italy
10) Marry the man of my dreams
11) See Hunter Hayes
12) Love and be loved
13) Find Jesus
14) Inspire someone
15) Kiss an Austrailian
16) Austin Helton
17) Meet the Pope
18) Be a grandma!
19) Have a body like Beyonce...and become a ninja
20) Have a strong, fit body - like God intended
21) Keep my best friend for eternity
22) Be happy
23) Understand
24)  Milk a bow
25) Marry Bow Wow
26) Go to Hawaii
27) Moo at a cow
28) Swim with dolphins
29) Lead over 75 people to Christ like Paul
30) Experience a miracle
31) Find a mate
32) Kiss Hunter Hayes
33) Witness a miracle
34) Matter
35) Meet Tom Cruise
36) Run a 1/2 marathon
37) Marry my best friend
38) Marry Mara Shaneyfelt 
39) Write a book
40) See both my boys turn 40
41) Find true love
42) Summer road trip with my best friends
43) Deliver the goods
44) Marry Patrick Winans
45) Wrestle a bear
46) Change the world
47) Travel out of the USA
48) Stay in love!
49) Find lasting friends
50) Visit everywhere!
51) Marry me (response to "Find a mate")

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