Monday, July 22, 2013

Artist Statement for the Logo

Meaning of the Logo

Wanting the Before I Die wall in Kettering to be a bit different, we opted not to use the pre-packaged stencils that the original creator of the wall used and now sells. Instead, we decided to use a design created by Adam Cassidy, a member of Christ Church, who recently graduated from Miami University with his degree in Graphic Design. Adam's designs have been used in other Student Ministry projects including a mural, t-shirts, and other logos. He is very talented and currently in sunny Florida working as a graphic design intern for "the Mouse" at Disney World. 

Here is the artist statement for the logo: 

"The 'Before I Die' logo is primarily a typographic mark, using different typefaces to spell out the name of the project inside of a speech bubble. I decided that the speech bubble was an appropriate concept for this logo because sometimes it's not enough to just think about the list of things we want to do before we die. In order to actually complete that list, we have to declare them and say them out loud. We have to share them with other people. It's when we start to share these things with others that they begin to become real. That list of items becomes a promise to ourselves, and we have a better chance of actually doing those things if others are holding us accountable."

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