Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Responses from July 14-17

The wall continues to grow with responses! Some of the responses bring laughter to the reader while other responses causes one to pause and reflect on their own life. Here are the latest responses:

1. Attend 3 grandchildren's graduations
2. Life right and moral
3. Marry Daniel Radcliffe (found just above an earlier response of "Marry Emma Watson")
4. Go skydiving 
5. Write a book
6. See a diversified Congress
7. Live!
8. Go to Morocco and Senegal!
9. Find a family soon
10. Milk a cow
11. Own a famous cupcakery
12. Live in New Zealand w/ Claire Rebihard
13. To see my daughter become a mother
14. Zumba
15. Be able to retire and have fun
16. Change someone's life
17. Make your proud of me
18. Be on the Amazing Race with Brittany Mae Mefford
19. Become fluent in Spanish and French
20. Achieve serenity
21. Have a fun family vacation
22. See all 50 states
23. Live big!
24. Celebrate 50 years of marriage
25. Learn to surf
26. Ride an elephant
27. Reach the top line (found at the bottom of the wall)
28. Mission on every continent
29. Learn to yodel
30. Meet Lil Bub
31. Rock great grand kids
33. Throw out a first pitch at a baseball game
34. Meet my grandchildren
35. See my grand kids grow up
36. Visit New Zealand
37. Visit all 7 continents with Brittany Mefford!

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