Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Responses July 28-31

1) Live my lief (as written)
2) Stay sober one day at a time
       Response: you can do it if I can <3
3) Go to South Africa with my family
4) Trust
5) Forgive and heal
6) Ride in a hot air balloon
7) Forgive and heal
8) Be friends
       Added by someone else: "Again"
9) Love like God
10) Get married
11) Be a good father
12) End racism/biogtry
13) Go to Greece
14) Surrender
15) Sink Monsanto
16) Create a lasting piece of art
17) Have 3 pet dogs at one time
18) I want to visit Haifa
19) Hold grand babies
20) Give peace a chance
21) No GMO's
22) Sing to Jesus
23) Fall in love and stay in love
24) Be happy
25) Have my family together
26) Wear a kilt
27) Go back to Rwanda
28) Go back to England
29) Discover more amazing places with my girls
30) Happy Bday Laura
31) Pet a lion
32) Meet Osama Bin Laden
33) See a share your ground law
34) Complete our family and grow joyfully old together in Christ
35) I have to be happy
36) Meet my grandkids
37) Be a mom

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